We are SLiDE

SLiDE is a leading inclusive dance company based in Croydon. Our projects and classes unite people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds through creative dance.

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What we do


We rely on funding to provide the great experiences to our community.
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Our values

Accessibility: for all projects and performances to be fully accessible.

Collaboration: to collaborate with our communities in the design, development and implementation of our projects. 

Creativity: to develop creative and critical thinking, developing new SLiDE artists.

Partnership: working with a wide range of organisations from the arts and public sectors to widen our reach to the most disadvantaged communities. 

Play: providing safe structures for participants to explore their identity as a dancer and to work in an environment where mistakes are celebrated. 

Quality: develop a professional and highly skilled staff team and group of artists, at the forefront of the UK inclusive arts sector.

What people say about us

“This inspired me, I would describe it as ‘destination happiness’ – an inspirational way of being. It was very moving. I’ve not see a lot of inclusive dance. I’ve got to see more!”
Richard, audience member

“Performing with SLiDE was awesome and even now brings a smile to my face that reaches out into my soul.”
Rosie, SLiDE dancer

Yasmin absolutely loves SLIDE, it is the highlight of her week! SLiDE gives my daughter the freedom to express herself. It is also a place where she has made lots of new friends. I can honestly say it has changed her life.”
Caragh, SLiDE parent

“I feel a lot happier and energetic after each session, even when I am not in the mood to dance at the beginning.”
Dance participant with Parkinson’s Disease.

SLiDE is a registered charity no: 1164827 and company (limited by guarantee) no: 08739193