14 reasons why

This is why we do what we do….

‘This is a golden time for me, I’m 64 years old, but this really is the best time of my life. Dancing together is just a pleasure, such a joy.’ Kumi
‘I like dancing with SLiDE, I have fun and feel listened to. I’d be sad if I couldn’t dance anymore, I’d miss it… I’d miss everyone.’ Jack
‘This inspired me, I would describe it as ‘destination happiness’ – an inspirational way of being. It was very moving. I’ve not seen a lot of inclusive dance groups before. I’ve got to see more now!’ Richard
‘It’s essential that you have a reason to leave the house for when you have Parkinson’s’ Margaret
‘Performing with SLiDE was awesome and even now it brings a smile to my face that reaches into my soul.’ Rosie
‘When I took in the details of the project, I thought about the age differences. Seeing everyone blend so naturally together made me really think WOW!’ Kerry
’SLiDE gives my daughter freedom to express herself, I can honestly say it has changed her life’  Caragh
‘Often it feels impossible. Getting a project off the ground, fundraising, even the creative process sometimes. But when the community comes together, anything is possible’. Gemma
’Dancing is my favourite activity’ Will
‘It was clear that the performers were totally immersed in presenting the work, with a level of authentic engagement often lacking in established dance companies’. Michelle
‘To me it was the many expressions of the rhythm of life, it was a really good experience for all of us’. Participant
‘It was about connecting, looking after each other and beauty in difference and everyone got that.’ Paula
‘In our first workshop I knew we were onto something good. There is always this constant balance between serious craft and serious play that makes SLiDE tick’ Anita
‘The dancers’ different body types and needs were celebrated and given equal agency. This was a very successful example of professional and non-professional performers sharing a stage with equality and integrity.’