Should I stay or should I go?

So my life is immitating lyrics at the moment and none more so than of course the 1994 Blur classic ‘Park Life’. Even to the point that this morning (Wednesday) I was rudely woken by the dustmen!!!!! And then we go further back to The Clash classic, ‘Should I stay or should I go?’….

Five months of planning and five days of creation (two so far) will be the sum total of ‘Park Life’ and will draw the boundaries of the work Anita and I have put into it. Last night I mused over what stays and what goes during this process and on this occasion much has gone as the project was worked and reworked, before the arrival of the participants. Even the location at one point was a moveable feast as partnerships with local schools fell through, much to our dismay.

And even now with the participants ideas and phrases come and go. But like our post it notes on day 1, which one by one fell to the floor loosing their stickiness in the heat, the ideas that are the strongest always survive.

But by Friday 5pm we will know for sure what has stayed and what has gone.

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