Choreographing People

Water. Sun tan lotion. Hats. Chair.

This has been the unexpected mantra of the group as we try and stay safe in the heat. It has been tough work, but the group still love being outdoors in the park (phew).

Moments stand out: a rippling arm echoes a brief and rare breeze through the trees. Dancers support and help each other over the undulating ground. And one dancer, waiting alone in the field for a dancing partner, with clarity and intent.

It is easy to get bogged down in the practicalities of dancing in a heatwave (trust us, there are many), and yes, part of the rigour and clarity of movement naturally gets lost in the heat. But what replaces it is satisfying: a choreographing of people. Not just watching out for movement, but taking care of them.

You need a chair? No problem. Water? Yes, that will go into section 2. Responding to needs leads to some fun and unexpected moments in the piece. And really, any event like this is all choreographed, from booking the hall to sending the invites. We create the pathways and the movement where people meet and share.

The group has been amazing, upbeat and supportive.

Here is to tomorrow. Let me just grab the suntan lotion.

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