When all the dancers have left the field…..

….the apple tree of technology has been cleared away, the CALAT gates locked for the last time and the dance mat cleaned and put away, is that really the end?

Absolutely not.

This is just the beginning…..

And when asked “what will you miss now that ‘Park life’ has ended?” the responses were hardly surprising….

‘I will miss the people I’ve met and how creative the whole project was. I never thought I would do something quite like this’ Alex

‘I will miss most the amazing and inspirational people I have met. Oh and dancing by the lake with the ducks’ Lauren

‘We will miss being with everyone and being out in a big open space, with sky, heat, fresh air and lovely people’ N and L

‘I will miss the friendships I have made and being able to wake up everyday and go to dance’ Carys

The people ALWAYS make the project and Anita and I were continually amazed, entertained, humbled and generally in awe of the people who joined us for ‘Park life’. We simply cannot wait for our next encounter…..

photo-1 copy 2

The dancers survived the heat (almost) but were revived by our free SLIDE cupcakes….


Kindly donated by PMT Cafe, 231 Lower Addiscombe Road, CR0 6RD Croydon

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