Shared Voices – Rosie

Looking back on ‘Park Life’, in July 2013, one of the performers reflects on her duet with Rick, from Candoco Dance Company.

‘Initially I felt anxious as I felt I was no match for a professional dancer. I embraced it as a challenge, but was worried I might let Rick down. Once we had read the piece about the stream in the park, Rick and I discussed how we might turn it into movement. Rick was patient and gentle in advising on how I might extend my movements and become more intrinsic in my interpretation of the words. In the hall the movements felt enclosed and small. But it was a safe place to try out ideas …

Performing in the park generated a sense of freedom that touched my spirit. I became the river – literally! I felt the flow and power of the water as it flowed around and battled to overcome and be free …

The fact that Rick was in a wheelchair seemed to enhance the experience and the performance in a way I would not have appreciated without this opportunity. It was awesome and even now it brings a smile to my face that reaches into my soul. Thank you’

Rosemary Harvey

See Rosie and Rick in action in our 2min film, ‘Park Life- Big Field’.

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