SLiDE travels to Japan!

In September Gemma and Kumi, a participant in three SLiDE dance intergenerational dance projects, will travel to Japan to share SLiDE’s values and practice. They will spend two weeks, mainly in the Fukushima region, working with school and community groups.

For both Kumi and Gemma this will be a very special trip. Kumi is from this region of Japan and following the 2011 disasters set up Fukushima Friends UK, a pen pal exchange between school children in London and Fukushima. She is exceptionally passionate about inclusive dance, having personally experienced how life changing it can be.

Gemma spent two years in Japan, 2001-2003, teaching English in a senior high school,’To return to Japan after 11 years, during which time I have trained in community dance and am now an experienced inclusive Dance Artist, is so exciting. I can’t wait for the chance to engage with communities in Japan through creative dance. Although I am familiar with the culture, seeing how my UK based experience translates to working in Japan, will be incredibly interesting. I am also hoping to meet with local Dance Artists whilst we are visiting, to compare practice and ways of working’.

We will keep you posted as the plans develop.

SLiDE celebrates inclusive dance during their project ‘Park Life’ in July 2013. Photo: Sophie Standford

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