The Art of Asking

This book literally just popped through my letter box, pretty good timing as we’re reaching out to ask for your support! Our fun-raiser is almost upon us and already we’ve had some pledges of support in, we’re so grateful. We’ve also had some

fun challenges, so you’ll probably find us sliding whilst trying to drink a coffee (flat white thanks) and painting our nails.
This time, we’ll be sliding “live” on air via Periscope. We’re excited about the possibilities of this new format, and it’s potential to connect people from all over the place (world!), something you know we love doing. If you haven’t had a look yet, here is the app:

We’ve been thinking a lot about how we use the Internet recently: how it can bring us together but can also sometimes isolate us. So, while of course you can follow our antics on social media, we would LOVE to meet you, dance and laugh with you in person as well.
It’s not too late to come along with us, or even to just meet us at one of the parks on the way. Just email us to let us know you are coming along for the slide!!
Right, back to my reading…

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