Could you be a SLiDE Champion?

SLiDE is recruiting a small group of champions to help us grow. We need people who know a little bit about SLiDE and would be interested in contributing to the future direction of the company. That means helping us to make decisions about the types of projects we run. We’d also like our champions to tell people about our work, so more people know about it, and attend some our events/performances, such as the SLiDE annual ceilidh.
We are looking for a diverse group of people. You might be a young person, or retired. Maybe you have a disability. You could be a parent, teacher, active Croydon community member or simply you LOVE the arts. These are not the only options, our champions could be anywhere!!!!!
You might need support in this role, and that’s ok too. We will be offering some training and mentoring to our champions so you fully understand your role.
The champions will meet up to 3 times a year in Croydon, as well as attending some SLiDE events/performances.
If you think this is something you would like to do please get in touch with Gemma on 07887 781361 or email us:
We can also provide you with more information if you need it.