Street SLiDE – an update from Corinne.

Dance artist Corinne Meredith has been working with SLiDE on our new Street Dance project, where she has been supporting the group and our street dance teachers Brandon and Angus who are graduates of The BRIT School. We asked her what she enjoys about the project and what else she is up to…

So, we’re now at the end of our second Street Slide project. Any highlights? 

So many highlights! Each moment watching Brandon and Angus share their skills while they develop and learn as teachers at the same time is such a treat and a unique opportunity for me to share with them. Seeing the energy and excitement that is shared between the group each week is really brilliant. For me learning anything for the first time is exciting and being a part of this process and seeing the pleasure that the dancers get from this is a definite highlight each week.

What’s your own dance experience, how did you become a dance artist and teacher?
I started dancing at my local dance school when I was very small, I fell in love with it straight away and haven’t stopped since. I even chose performing arts at university because I didn’t want to stop dancing. It was so exciting for it to be more than just a hobby for me. I was incredibly lucky to be asked to start teaching at a performing arts school straight after I graduated, and so on Saturdays I would travel out from London to Hertfordshire to teach young people from 4-16 and this is when I realised that I wanted to work with communities and the performing arts. Each week I saw positive things coming out of the work I was doing and was motivated to continue and so to broaden my skills and knowledge I got back into education, studying theatre, all the time dancing myself and teaching and choreographing for others alongside college. I began working in a theatre in Richmond and ran theatre sessions for 7+ years. I realised that I was beginning to edge away from dance and I began to miss it a lot so I decided to bring it back to the forefront of my work as a community artist. I enrolled on the Community Dance course at Laban and I was back hooked straight away, and since finishing in 2015, I have been able to combine my skills and experience and I am very excited by the results so far and looking forward to future projects!

Aside from working with SLIDE, what other projects are you involved in at the moment?

I am the Youth Theatre and Participation Manager at the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond so I work there part time and I work as a freelance Youth Theatre Director too. So at the moment I am directing a play for National Theatre Connections Festival with 14 young people aged 15 – 19 and running a variety of projects for the local community in Richmond. I am also assisting weekly carers and toddlers dance sessions in East London and am a member of the Company Support Team for the National Youth Dance Company at Sadler’s Wells. All of which help me to broaden my understanding of this world and each experience informs the others every day.
What’s the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is meeting new people and dancing with them. For me there is a special connection that is made through our bodies that is exciting and new every time and one that can’t be found in any other way. Seeing these moments happen between people who have never met is beautiful, but most of all, it is always surprising.

Finally, what’s your favourite home-alone-living-room-disco tune?
No question, Proud Mary by Tina Turner.

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