The best fest!

To celebrate our return to Fairfield Halls and our community reconnecting for in-person dancing in June we ran SLiDE\\FEST, a 4 day creative dance extravaganza. We hosted family dance workshops, in partnership with the National Autistic Society and creative dance for over 60s. Guest dance companies Corali and Blink led sessions with our groups for learning disabled young people and adults….

It gave the SLiDE carers a chance to reflect on our work and contribute ideas for future projects….

‘The SLiDE team create a safe environment where our daughter is happy and well cared for. We like the way SLiDE focuses on what she ‘can’ do rather than what she can’t, it provides her with much needed exercise in a fun way. Holly sees SLiDE as her family, it is a big part of her life.

It’s an opportunity for Jordan to enjoy doing activities which he loves with young people of a similar age, a chance for him to be independent. SLiDE has been a constant in Jordan’s life and he welcomes the routine. The SLiDE group is very friendly and totally inclusive.

We’d like to have more workshops in the summer if possible. More opportunities to go and watch other dance-related performances!

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this fantastic event, we had plenty of calls for SLiDE\\FEST take two….watch this space!

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