Spotlight: Andrea Swainson

Andrea leads our Wednesday afternoon sessions and is a specialist in inclusive dance practice:

‘My Wednesday sessions with SLiDE are the highlight of my week. We have been exploring some of the SLiDE’s value’s this term and looking at connections, togetherness and empowerment. I’m always amazed at the groups willingness to give everything a try and experiment which makes the sessions really playful and exciting. I feel privileged to be working with such a great group of dancers and surrounded by a great team and community’

​​Andrea is a community Dance Artist, Producer and with a BA honours in Dance Studies from Middlesex University. She is also the Engagement and Outreach Manager for Corali Dance Company, managing a range of engagement, training, mentoring projects. She has also facilitated a number of community dance projects in Sri Lanka, Thailand, China and Nepal and most recently went on a cultural exchange impact project in Ghana with Awareness Through Dance.  Andrea founded her own dance company, which she ran for over 10 year working in relationships with local charities. Andrea has worked for Royal Academy of Dance, B.Supreme, Lyra and Oval House Theatre on various community, participatory and professional work.

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