Hot. Hot. Oh, and did we say it was hot?

Park Life is go! The group arrives. I am nervous. How do we carry them all through this process? We ran ice breaking games (er, melting?), set some playful tasks, and it became clear that support for each other was building from within. Sometimes you need to set the structure and then get out of theContinue reading “Hot. Hot. Oh, and did we say it was hot?”

Rain or shine: six days and counting

Naturally being British Anita and I planned a park based dance piece with slight in-trepidation, mainly asking ourselves ‘will it be raining in July?’. Now with less than a week to go do we exchange umbrella’s and wellies for sun lotion and ice lollies?  Come what may this will be a week to remember forContinue reading “Rain or shine: six days and counting”