On a myth busting mission…

At SLiDE we think it’s time to demystify some dance myths and really get to the bottom of that age old question: so what is creative dance?

We’re going to start by explaining what it’s not. It’s not…..

…spending time in a dance studio channelling your inner tree.

…being asked to devise a 30 second post-modern reinterpretation of ‘Thriller’ (Although that does sound rather cool)

…just rolling around on the floor.

…learning a set dance routine

But, equally, it could be all of the above, if any of it sounds appealing. Because creative dance is about YOU! It’s about playing, discovering, exploring and celebrating the different ways we all like to dance.

So, for us, creative dance is:

…getting people together in a room for a defined period of time, generally about 2 hours.

…forgetting everything else apart from being in that room and having fun.

That’s pretty much it. Oh, except you will also be given the time to drink tea and listen to a fantastic array of music which cannot fail to make you want to move.

And if you still don’t think you’ve grasped what it is (and actually we wouldn’t blame you) there are two things you can do:

And, we’re not ending there. ‘Lucy and the Party’ hits Croydon next week when adults get to be kids in theatre for all.

SLiDE Dance. Here to serve.




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