People vs Slide: 2 day countdown….

THIS weekend we are sliding for slide and we are looking for your support!

SLiDE Artists, Directors, Dancers, family and friends will be sliding and dancing all weekend across Croydon. You can get sponsored and slide with us for a day, meet us for a boogie in one of the parks en route* or (and equally as helpful) EMAIL US with a pledge. We have so far raised over £300 but we know we can do better than that!


10 am meeting point Seldson Halls (CR2 8LD) sliding through Selsdon and onto New Addington. Finish approx 6pm.


10am meeting point playground at Addiscombe Rec (CR0 7HR) and onto South Norwood then Upper Norwood. Finish approx 6pm.

Why are we sliding? 

Well apart from it being immensely fun we do need to raise essential funds to keep SLiDE dancing in the community, so we can deliver projects like ‘5 with SLiDE‘.

Thank you for any form of support you can give us! For more info get in touch 781361

Gemma, Anita and the SLiDE Team

*The route!

10am meet at Selsdon Halls (CR2 8LD)
10.30am Seldsdon Recreation Ground (CR2 8PH)
11.30am Edgecoombe play area (CR2 8AA)
12.15pm Courtwood Playground (CR0 9NA)
1pm Addington Park (CR0 5AR)
2.30pm Rowdown Fields (CR0 9DY)
3.30pm Northdown (CR0 0LJ)
4.30pm Addington Vale/Queen Elizabeth Drive (CR0 0HB)
5.30pm Hares Bank (CR0 0HB)
6pm finish 

10am Addiscombe Rec (CR0 7HR)
11am Ashburton Park (CR0 6NN)
12pm South Norwood Country Park (SE25 4RN)
1pm Apsley Road (SE25 4XS)
3pm South Norwood Lakes (SE19 2SG)
4pm Westow Park (SE19 3PN)
5pm The Lawns (SE19 3TZ)
6pm finish


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